Jordan National Metrology Institute (JNMI) was established in 2006 under the management of the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) according to the signed authorization agreement between Jordan Institute for Standards & Metrology (JISM) , which is a governmental institute responsible for the national system of measurement in Jordan, and RSS, which is the largest applied research institution, consultation and technical service provider in Jordan housing 38 specialized laboratories acting as technical arm for JISM, providing metrological services since 1981.


JNMI is run and managed by the Royal Scientific Society , its functions and activities is monitored by a steering committee composed of 10 members chaired by General Director of Jordan Institute for Standards & Metrology and members from Royal Scientific Society , Higher Council for Science and Technology , Royal Jordanian Air Force , Jordan Accreditation Commission , Jordan Chamber of Industry , Amman Chamber of Commerce and Jordan Institute for Standards & Metrology.



The launching day for Jordan National Metrology Institute JNMI has been assigned to be May 20 , 2006 which coincides with World Metrology Day.


We are seeking for unified local measurements that are accepted internationally.


We maintain the national measurement standards and assure its traceability to international standards. We also provide highly accurate metrological services, which are accepted locally and internationally to all scientific, industrial, economic, health and legal sectors in order to make effective contributions supporting the national economy, maintaining safety, well-being and the environment and protecting citizens' rights the ultimate goal being the achievement of a better quality of life. These tasks are accomplished through implementing new updated systems complying with international good practices in metrology and by providing, developing and motivating human resources and know-how.


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